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Our Happy Customers

Happy Customers

"This is awesome in it's scent and effects for enhancing relaxation and sleep. Place in on pulse points and the back of your neck. I find that the shelf life is shorter than I would like for something that is sold as a pure oil....but I will continue to purchase this product/lavender oil because it works." - Randi, Idaho

"Works very well, I used for a week in Mexico and no bites. The oil comes out in more of a stream than a spray, so it worked best to spray into my hand and then rub on. Smells great!"- Elizabeth, Oregon.

"I will definitely be ordering more of these and will tell family and friends about this company. Reasonable prices and fast shipping with sincere customer service." - Linda, Deleware.

"I LOVE THIS STUFF. With baseboard heat, I can stay warm and not wake up with my nose all stuffed up. I've tried other brands, and yours is the best." - Donna, Washington

"Love this essential oil! Smells like I just brewed a pot of Earl grey tea." - Karen, Pennsylvania

"Quality grade essence oil. Would like to see it in a larger size. Would buy again." - Marry Powell, Arkansas

"This stuff smells fantastic. I diffuse at night and can breath thru my nose all night. I do find it hard to get out of bed though. This is gonna be great for my days off when I get to sleep in. I did buy a 2nd bottle of this after only having the first bottle a week. This ones a keeper."- Simon, Michigan.

"The Enhance oil smells so good & I could really feel a difference in my mood. I felt so happy after using it just one time. This oil will get alot of use!"- Donna, Washington

"Love the smell of this oil! I hope Ovvio decides to widen their stock of oils, would like to see others from this brand."- Melissa, California

"I have had migraines for 20 years and have tried essential oils for relief along with medication. I have to admit that this product has helped with along with the medication with the pain. I never get complete relief from pain but this product does help. When I travel by plane, the odor is not offensive. I have to say this product is excellent." - Larry, New Mexico

"Nice mild scent and works well in a diffuser. Satisfied with the blend and is not overpowering. Helps to prevent that stuffy sinus feeling overnight."- Charlene, Ohio

"Wonderful service! Super fast shipping and excellent quality product!"- Anna, Virginia 

"Slumber is great. It's a little citrusy, yet incredibly relaxing. We use it nightly & our little kids love it! Apply it topically with fractionated coconut oil." - Kristin, Illinois 

"It's really very good and useful. I nomally Use in my bedroom when i sleep. It's very simple to use and very good small. i really love it and good for me."- Cho, Oregon

"This is by far the best Grapefruit essential oil I have purchased! Arrived early and at a great price! Seller is awesome and have great follow up. They really want you to be happy! I will continue to buy from them!"- Julie, California 

"My husband has suffered from severe allergies his whole life. About a week after receiving the respiratory blend he had an attack he used the oil and within minutes felt relief. He also did not snore that night like he usually does especially after an attack. Great stuff. Will review again after having more time to use it." - Nancy, New York

"Amazing!!! Been on 100 different sinus and allergy medicines all my life and I am now drug free since purchasing this product. I use it under my nose with a carrier oil when I begin to feel a little stuffed up and in no time... I can breathe again. I recently purchased a second bottle for my family members who also have the same issue. Very satisfied with my purchase. Do not hesitate to purchase."- Monica, California

"Excellent product. I'm very happy with my purchase. I had purchased oils from another brand (mlm) thought I would try this out. The oils have a very strong scent, so make sure to use sparingly. The first time I used it in my humidifier, in my bedroom I put 5 drops and it was so strong I wound up with a headache. The following evening I did 2 drops and it was perfect! A little goes a long way!"- Kalli, Idaho

"I am on my second bottle of this oil. I put it in my diffuser every night and I sleep so good....highly recommend."- Judy, Texas

A Leading Wellness Website Says - "Wow"

I spent over a week using all 9 of the oils listed here in 4 different ultrasonic and nebulizer aroma diffusers in 4 different rooms in my house. Wow! Did my house smell good! Please read my evaluation for all oils below and see for yourself how impressive Ovvio Oils are. 
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