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I was diagnosed with pneumonia accompanied by inflammation resulting in my having difficulty breathing. I purchased a Quooz Lull Ultransmit Aromatherapy Diffuser and INHALE Respiratory Blend Essential Oil. The INHALE Respiratory Blend that I used in my diffuser was soothing and very helpful in my recovery. I would definitely recommend it to anyone having difficulty breathing whether as a result of pneumonia, a bad cold or for allergies. You'll be so glad to tried it. Also, I would like to add that I am very pleased with the seller of INHALE - Respiratory Blend for its high quality. It arrived on time, was well packaged and the Respiratory Blend was very helpful in my recovery from pneumonia.

High quality essential oil blend. A little goes a loooooong way!

I have been a massage therapist for over 14 years and have an extensive collection of single note essential oils and essential oil blends. I am very particular about the quality and aroma, and try to avoid large manufacturers who do not disclose where they harvest their oils. I decided to purchase this oil because the seller appears to be very knowledgeable about the healing properties and harvesting methods of his/her suppliers.

So far, I am having great success with this respiration blend. I use it to help prevent my clients who have allergies from getting stopped up when they are lying face down on the table. I have them inhale a few drops while their face is down in the cradle and it keeps their sinuses open during the massage session. My clients report being relaxed physically and invigorated mentally after a session with this blend. The aroma is predominately minty. Very fresh and clean smelling. Will reorder again when my clients go through this bottle.

Great blend

I been using this essential oil blend in the bath with our 2 little boys. It is really a nice blend. As soon as I opened the bottle and smelled the oil, my sinuses opened right up. I would recommend using this in a cold air humidifier if your little one is congested or sick. In our house we like to always put a nice EO in the bath, so this works perfectly.

Yay! I Can Breathe!!!!

This was lovely...Last week I had a horrible cough/cold and was having a terrible time breathing (even my inhaler wasn't helping!) When I heard about this product I was so excited to order...and it did not disappoint! I could smell the oils before I opened the bottle...and even just sniffing the cap helped open up my chest. Thank you!

I like this oil

I like this oil. I had nothing specifically wrong when I bought it, just wanted it on hand but I have been waking up with a stuffy nose recently and decided to use it and it seems to be helping. I've just been inhaling the scent and have not used it on my body. Will update if I notice anything more but I'm pretty satisfied right now.

A Leading Wellness Website Says - "Wow"

I spent over a week using all 9 of the oils listed here in 4 different ultrasonic and nebulizer aroma diffusers in 4 different rooms in my house. Wow! Did my house smell good! Please read my evaluation for all oils below and see for yourself how impressive Ovvio Oils are. Read their reviews here:





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