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Ovvio Oils’ Inhale Respiratory Blend Rated No. 1 Bestseller In Fragrance Section Of

Inhale is a premium blend containing six essential oils. It is helpful in curing cold, cough, pneumonia, allergies, and other respiratory symptoms. (August 08, 2014 ) Maple Valley , Washington -- Ovvio Oils' Inhale respiratory blend has been rated No. 1 bestseller in the Fragrance Collections, Candles & Home Scents section of A mix of six premium essential oils, Inhale can help cure many respiratory disorders and allergies. It is also an excellent aromatherapy massage oil. 

"We are very pleased with Inhale Respiratory Blend's success on The response has been very encouraging. The ‘bestseller' tag proves our product's superior quality. People are loving it," Dayna Slater, owner of Ovvio Oils, said. 

In the reviews posted on Amazon, many users have given Inhale a 5 out of 5 rating, praising it for its pleasant smell and effectiveness in treating colds, coughs, pneumonia, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses. 

Here are some testimonials

- "I feel better with this product:) really love the minty smell and feeling of freshness. It opens up my sinuses and I breathe better. It also gives me the feeling sharpness and alertness.
- Love the smell of this. I clean my house and floors with water and vinegar. I started adding this to it and love the smell now. You walk in and it smells like yummy essential oils versus vinegar.
- "This smells like HEAVEN!!"
- "Wonderful and inviting aromas!...This is the kind of scent that puts me in a good mood and I appreciate that. Will re-order!"

Inhale contains essential oils of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, clary sage, cedar wood, and lavender. The blend has a minty smell which is at once pleasant and soothing. Besides treating several illnesses, it also helps to boost the immune system. 

The ingredients in the blend have been extracted from plants grown in their native regions. They have been procured from farmers who grow them in an environment free from chemicals and pesticides.


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