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Ovvio Oils' Natural Insect Repellent Prevent Now Eligible For Free Shipping On

(July 30, 2014 ) Maple Valley , Washington -- Warm summer evenings are often a great time to spend time outdoors, but the pleasant weather also brings forth an army of insects and bugs. Ovvio Oils natural repellent Prevent is a DEET-free product that is effective against different insects. The company is offering buyers a chance to save money on shipping by including the recently launched Prevent in the list of items that are eligible for free shipping on shopping website 

To qualify for the offer, the order placed on will have to total $35 or above. A 4oz. bottle of Prevent is currently priced at $21.95 on Buyers can either purchase two bottles of Prevent or add another item to make the order eligible for the offer (eligible products display a ‘FREE SHIPPING' tag next to price). The delivery time under this offer is 3-4 days. 

A well-planned barbecue in the garden can quickly turn into a war zone with humans pitted against mosquitoes and flies. Often the only defense against this attack is to apply a repellent. However, a DEET-based product should be used with extreme caution as it can have harmful effects on health. Prevent, however, is safe and can be sprayed directly on the skin. In fact, it is so gentle, it can also be used on children and pets. Prevent is also free from alcohol, synthetic pesticides, and animal-based products. 

Prevent contains essential oils which have been used for thousands of years to fight insects and bugs. Its main ingredient is lemon eucalyptus which is a very potent natural repellent and is as effective as DEET when it comes to keeping insects at bay. It also contains castor oil, which, according to records, was burned in Ancient Greece by Herodotus to get rid of mosquitoes. The other essential oils included in the blend are cedar, lemongrass, eucalyptus, olive, cherry kernel, rapeseed oil, bergamot, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint, and herbal extracts. 

Many natural repellents available in the market consist of a single essential oil. Prevent has 15 different oils that are effective against different insects. For example, flies hate eucalyptus, lavender is effective against moths, and citronella, a constituent of lemon eucalyptus, fights mosquitoes and fleas. 

The ingredients in Prevent have been imported from countries where they are grown natively in a chemical-free environment. The blend therefore carries diverse genetic traces making it effective against different species of insects and bugs, and it offers protection for 4-6 hours. 


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