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Ovvio Oils Offers 90-day Money-back Guarantee On Inhale Respiratory Blend

July 15, 2014 - Maple Valley , Washington -- Ovvio Oils is offering a no-questions-asked refund guarantee on the purchase of its newly launched product Inhale respiratory blend. The blend, which is currently available on, is a mix of six essential oils which help in treating many ailments. "We are comfortable offering a full refund guarantee on Inhale because we stand by the product and we are confident of its quality. Inhale is full of wonderful and therapeutic ingredients, and people will love it," Dayna Slater, proprietor of Ovvio Oils, said. She added that requests for refund were rare. If a customer is not completely satisfied with the purchase, they can request for a refund by sending an email to the company. Ovvio Oils' will then refund the amount. The request can be initiated within 90 days of purchase. The Inhale respiratory blend, made from the essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, cedar wood, and clary sage, can be used to cure pneumonia, common cold, flu, asthma, dry cough, allergies, and sinus infections. Mixed with carrier oils like coconut or avocado, it can also be used as an aromatherapy massage oil. When used for massages, it provides relief from pain, anxiety, and stress. The blend can be used with an aromatherapy diffuser or it can be applied externally after mixing it to a few drops of carrier oil. The essential oils that go into the blend are procured from different corners of the world. The company insists on buying from farmers who implement best practices, and raise the crop in an environment free of pesticides and chemicals.